Every city has stories that will make you laugh, cry, or want to take action. 
We travel to find the people at the center of those stories to show you the world

through their eyes. We hope their testimonies will touch you the way they've touched us.

Bianca Graulau

I recently left my job in a major news market to reassess my passion in life. It turns out I live for this because I found myself reporting on my own dime. I'm a learner, a listener, a story-teller, a videographer, and an aspiring investigative reporter. I'm also a rideshare driver and an English tutor for kids in China because it's fun (and a girl's gotta eat).

Give me a camera and a microphone

and drop me off in any city, and I will find you a story worth telling. But keep in mind I rather interview the homeless man than the politician, unless I'm holding them accountable. My pronouns are she, her, hers. I'm bilingual,

a dancer, and that annoying friend always asking you to be mindful of your waste. If you have something to share, or just want to check in, you can reach me at bianca@worldly.news or follow me here.

America Arias

I’m a DREAMER. Born in Mexico, raised in Orange County, CA but I feel most at home when I’m traveling to foreign lands and meeting people and seeing the world through a stranger’s pair of eyes. Through grit and determination, I became the first in my extended family to graduate from high school and then college. I’m now an Emmy-award winning TV news producer living in Los Angeles. I love uncovering truths around the globe, and giving people a voice and platform to express themselves. I’m a passionate storyteller, and I want my work to be a beacon of hope to everyone in the world. Contact me at america@worldly.news if want to share uncovered wordly story ideas.